What's New Online - Pentecost 1, 2022

June 13, 2022
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Pentecost Greetings to the Gathering Community,

Thank you for all your feedback and engagement as we work to make GatheringWorship.ca your one-stop worship-planning spot.

In response to your requests, we will be posting a PDF of the Weekly Services section for each season as well as the Prayers for Worship section­. These PDFs will be available online for the duration of the season. If you are searching for them on the website, look for ‘Complete Set of Prayers for Worship (name of season)” and “Complete Sunday by Sundays (name of season)”.

Over the summer, we will also be releasing bi-weekly tutorial videos for subscribers. Email me at @email with topics that you would like covered!

In the meantime, here are some great resources to check out this Pentecost season.

Exploring Sections:

Musical Resources:

Prayers Resources:

Complete Services:

In other news, please join me in offering a heartfelt thanks to Ross Bartlett, who has been the writer of “Preaching Pointers” and a regular contributor to Gathering for the past 18 years. Ross’s wisdom on preaching is also available in his book Gathered for Preaching.

Thanks, all. Because of your support, submissions, and suggestions, GatheringWorship.ca gets better each month.

Worshipping with you,