Back-to-School Prayers

September 02, 2023
colourul pencils on a wooden table

A Prayer for Students and Teachers

As a new school year begins, we offer this prayer for students and teachers to use as they enter into the adventure of learning together.

Loving God, Wise God, remind me that you are with me as I return to school.
Give me delight, curiosity, imagination, and patience as I learn, together with other students and teachers.
Bring calm to my fears, worries, and frustrations.
Each day, may I share your love and compassion,
and follow the Way of Jesus in all that I do and say.

A Prayer for Parents

As a new school year begins, parents have many emotions and reactions filling them up.
We offer this prayer for you to use as your children return to their adventures of learning.

Loving God, I have many feelings as my child goes to school.
I am excited for my child’s learning, and yet I worry about challenges they may encounter.
I have dreams and hopes for them, but most of all I pray that they remember how much I love them and how much you love them day by day.
Bless all the students in their learning.
Be especially with those for whom classroom learning is difficult for many different reasons.
Bless the teachers, administration, and all the staff who care for my child day by day.
Thank you for the time, energy, and skills they offer.
Each day may I show my child how to share your love and compassion and follow the Way of Jesus in all that we do and say, at home and at school.

For Grandparents, Neighbours, and Other Friends

As a new school year begins, offer your support to teachers and students by holding them in prayer.
God of Wisdom, God of Words and Knowledge, we remember the variety of feelings we experienced when going to school.
Sometimes we were excited.
Sometimes we were afraid.
Sometimes we were overwhelmed.
Sometimes we were bored.
We remember school friends and beloved teachers, favourite subjects and those that caused us stress.
As the children around us return to school, we know that they too are experiencing a variety of emotions.
Bless them all: those for whom school is a joy they enthusiastically embrace, those who would rather not be there, and those for whom school is a challenge for a variety of reasons.
May a path for learning be opened for each one.
Bless the teachers, the administration, and all the staff who offer their time, energy, and skills to the young people.
Sustain, encourage, and inspire each one.
We pray in the name of Jesus, who was both student and teacher. Amen.