Frequently Asked Questions

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Managing your Subscription

How do I subscribe to

Visit the United Church Bookstore to subscribe today! Add the subscription option you wish to order to your cart and proceed to checkout to complete your subscription purchase.

After subscribing you will have immediate access to content on and your print subscription will begin with the next mailed issue.

How many people can access one subscription? is designed for individual use, so one person per subscription.

Is there an online-only or print-only subscription option?

No. The website is an extension of the print magazine; they are complementary products.

Can I purchase additional print copies of Gathering?

For those who want to buy multiple copies and share with various people, yes. There are two subscription options:

  • $75CDN – for one print copy and one online subscription
  • $100CDN – for two print copies and one online subscription
How do I activate my account and create my profile?

After purchasing a subscription from, you will receive a welcome email from @email with a one-time-use link to activate your account. This link will redirect you to where you can set a password for your account and complete your profile, including the mailing address for your print copies of Gathering magazine. To edit this information, select Edit from your Dashboard and, once you’ve made the desired changes, save your changes.

Can't find the Welcome email? Be sure to review your junk and spam folders.

For more guidance, see our Activating Your GatheringWorship Account video.

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How do I update my subscription information?

If your credit card/billing information needs to be updated (for example, if you have received a new credit card), please visit and log in to your account to update your information.

If your email or mailing address needs to be updated, please update your profile on this website by visiting your Dashboard. Then visit and log in to your account update your address there as well. Please note that keeping your mailing address information up to date is important to ensure you continue to receive your print magazine(s).

For further assistance with managing your subscription, please contact us.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password from the website login page by selecting the Reset Your Password button and entering your email address. Once submitted, an email will be sent to your email address with instructions to reset your password. The link will be provided and will take you to a one-time-use login screen where you can enter a new password for your account and save the changes.

For more guidance, see our Resetting Your GatheringWorship Account video.

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How do I unsubscribe from

Thank you for your participation and support! Log in to to view and edit your active subscriptions. If you have decided to discontinue your subscription, the Gathering Advisory Board would be interested in knowing why. Any suggestions or feedback you have would be appreciated. Please email us at @email.

Using the Website

What is my Dashboard and how do I use it? 

Your Dashboard is the home screen after you log in. The Dashboard is your one-stop shop where you can easily access all of your services and favourited items , submit content to Gathering, see what has been recently added, and access all of the worship tools (such as prayers, worship columns, music, and worship sparks). View a virtual tour of your Dashboard in our how-to video.

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How do I find prayers from the magazine on 

There are hundreds of prayers to search through on the website, with more added every month. Once logged in, visit the Prayers section and type in the title (commonly the first line of the prayer in the print magazine) in the search box. You can also look for prayers by author, theme, occasion, type, and more by entering the information in search filters. Here is a quick video on how to find prayers.

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How do I search for music on 

The website includes all music from More Voices and Voices United, and will soon include music from Nos Voix Unie and, in 2025, the new hymnal Then Let Us Sing. The search filters are the best way to access this wealth of musical resources. Make sure that the music box is selected on the search filters and then type into the search field what you are looking for. Musical scores from the print magazine can be found online by typing in the title of the piece as it appears in the magazine. For more information watch How to Search for Music on

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How do I find weekly services (formerly called Sunday by Sunday) on 

The Sunday and holiday services from the magazine can be found by visiting the Weekly Services section. To find a specific lectionary date, use the search filters to enter a range of dates around the date that you are looking for. Please note that the weekly services in the What’s New section are what was last entered into the site. A more detailed guide can be found in the how-to video.

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What is the Create Custom Service button on my Dashboard?

This feature allows you to create a custom worship service from material on and collaborate with your worship team. Begin by logging into the website and filling in the fields provided. Fields that are required (e.g., service title and date) are marked by an asterisk; other fields (e.g., themes) can be chosen later. Next, search the website to find inspiration, prayers, and resources to build your custom service. Once you have completed the service, you can email it to your worship team. Those who subscribe to the website can login and leave comments on the service. Watch Alydia create a custom service.

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