A Blessing for Before an Exam

December 15, 2023
a hand holding a pencil to a multiple choice page

The following was shared by email with high school students in January and June exam times.

We know that all of you will be writing or are already writing final exams. Please know that you are held in our hearts as you enter into this exam time. We share this blessing prayer that you might like to use before your exam:

Begin with three relaxing deep breaths… Then pray:

Loving God of all wonder and wisdom, may your spirit of light and love be within and all around me this day.
Bless my intellect.
Bless my memory.
Bless my creativity.
Bless my writing.
May I trust my knowing and rest in your peace-filling presence all through today and the days to come. Amen.

Indeed, many blessings for you as you write your exams and do final projects. You’ve got this—go for it, wondrous people that you are!

David Robertson, High River U.C., High River, Alta.