A Blessing in the Midst of Wildfires

June 09, 2023
A rainbow falling on trees and a mountain

Let there be gentle rain, off and on,
and cooling temperatures until all fires are out,
and all people and flocks are safely housed and cared for.

May caregivers care well for those fighting fires:
nourish, shelter, and love them into healing.

May goodly rest fortify the strength and will to persist
for all who are affected by these fires from coast to coast.

May God be with all who face fear and heat and smoke.
May God bless those who work to stop the fires.
May some balance come for those displaced, lost, or hurt.
They are not alone. We are not alone.
May God send peace into all the upset, frustration, and fright.

Thank you, God, for what you are doing in and through us. Amen.

Diane Trollope, Sudbury, Ont.