Do You Notice Us Waving to You? Prayer of Confession

February 27, 2024
Brown silhouettes and shadow of people waving and kneeling on beige background

Do you notice us waving to you? Come now, Jesus, we are so excited to call you God when the whole world is praising your name. We have spread the palm leaves of our hearts before you and said, “The God of the universe, the Creator of all, dwells in our thoughts, in our homes, in our churches, in our land.” Sadly, we have meant, “God gives us place and plenty and privilege and power.” We are Jesus groupies, adored by the crowds as we lift you up as Messiah. Where will we be when you have fallen into disfavour? Will we turn in disappointment when your way ceases to be welcome and easy? Will we bow to you when the world spits in your long-suffering face? Will our backs join yours when lashes fall for your compassion or will we turn our backs to you? Will we stay beside you and be pierced by anger and hatred? Forgive us when we cease to praise you, when we tremble with fear or our jaws tighten in disgust. Lead us through this week to Golgotha and let us receive your words of peace to all. Amen.

Carol E. Bayma, Royster Memorial Presbyterian Church, Norfolk, Virginia