Holy Humour Sunday: Call to Worship and Opening Prayer

March 28, 2024
two rows of laughing faces of various ages and races

Call to Worship

Welcome on this Holy Humour Sunday!

Holy Humour Sunday was celebrated by the early Christians. It was their tradition to share laughter and song on the Sunday after Easter. As we continue to celebrate the season of Easter, let us also celebrate the time when God played a joke on death by raising Jesus from the cross! In our worship time today, you will notice three Holy Humour Joke Breaks,* three magic tricks and more than three hymns to sing.

Let us share the joy and laughter! Christ is risen. Hallelujah! 

*Adapt for your service.

Opening Prayer

On this Holy Humour Sunday,
we come to giggle, laugh, and sing!

Alleluia! God Creator!
Alleluia! Christ the King!

Let the Spirit of the laughter
push away our doubts and sin!

Dear God, we recall the Easter story;
death has lost its fearful sting!


Tammy Fergusson, Grace U.C., Gananoque, Ont.