Meet the Graphics and Layout Designer: Ian Ball

March 28, 2024
Image of Ian Ball, with art and outdoor landscapes

We, the Gathering Worship editorial team, would like to introduce ourselves to the whole Gathering Worship community! Get to know a bit about who’s behind the names that appear frequently on your page and screen—the people who put it all together. Meet Ian Ball, Graphics and Layout Designer.

I began working for The United Church of Canada as a graphic designer in 2003. After I graduated from Durham College’s Graphic Arts Program in 1977, I worked for various clients, such as Inside Soccer Magazine, and had designed The Presbyterian History of Uxbridge, a history book for St. Andrew’s-Chalmers Presbyterian Church. Growing up Presbyterian, I was somewhat familiar with the similar worship liturgy of the United Church; Trinity U.C. in Uxbridge and St. Andrew’s-Chalmers had shared summer worship services for a number of years.

I have worked on many projects at the United Church Office, and gradually I was assigned to Gathering. With the launch of, Gathering has become my main focus. Now I work from home and I also have a watercolour gallery in the front of my house. I am on the Victoria County Studio Tour. The photo in the banner above is of me participating in the staff Christmas Craft Show and Sale at the UCC Office in 2017.

Gathering has always been a great project. As we work ten months in advance, I find it amusing to be designing the winter issue in the heat of the summer and creating for summer in the coldest days of winter.

I am grateful to be a part of the Gathering community, knowing that God’s message is being delivered and used around the world.

Ian Ball, Graphics and Layout Designer