Music (United) as Community

June 15, 2021

When we gather for worship, we do so as a community of faith. Whether we’re members, ministers, leaders, or visitors, it is this assembly that proclaims the faith, as it has been doing for thousands of years. When the Bible came together in the fourth century, it was because of the work of many people committed to this story. And when the Bible is translated, it is also the work of a community as they try to share what the story means in a particular context and language.  

When we make music together, we do so as a community. As a people of God, we are always reflecting on the way our music-making impacts our community. This is especially true when it comes to our congregational song. What we sing helps shape who we are and what we hold true in our world. Sometimes, this means making decisions about the language we will and will not use for God. Other times, it’s thinking about the theology in certain hymns. But it may also be about being intentional in opening ourselves up to new expressions of faith, including from contexts outside of our own. The ways that others have shared their story of faith through music—a kind of inspired translation—may very well teach us something new.  

Music United exists to help foster the music-making community. We do this in local congregations through diverse and dedicated leaders and participants. We do this at the regional level by making connections and supporting one another in ministry. And we do this at the national level through programs, networks, and opportunities, from our Music Matters conference to the Oxford Fund to our Facebook page and website. You are invited to join us and be a part of making music in your community, sharing your story, and being inspired.