Prayer of Grief and Gratitude: For Blue Christmas or The Longest Night

November 27, 2023
Person walking in the snow on an urban street at night

In the depth of winter, enliven our senses, O God.
At a time when we might feel muffled, dampened, and chilled to the bone, awaken in us a sensitivity to your Spirit.
Attune us to you, God of joy and peace.
Help us to trust that our unsteady limbs and lives know the way to you. Help us to trust that our spirits will always find their way back to you.
Remind us that we are stardust, born out of the chaos and colour of the first creation, every atom in our bodies humming with it.
Remind us that we bear your image, little echoes of your goodness.
Fill up the hollow, empty spaces in our lives with your warmth and light.
Make us beacons of your infinite love.
Let us share now, aloud or in silence, any prayers of grief, concern, or gratitude that might be in our hearts…
Tea lights may be lit representing each silent prayer.
We offer all these prayers up to you, Gracious God. Hold them in your hands. Receive them into your care. Amen.

Tori Mullin, St. John’s U.C., Marathon, Ont