Upcoming Themes

April 28, 2024
Gathering theme colours in vertical stripes with the words Upcoming Themes in white

Does one of these things capture your interest? Do you find yourself considering worship materials you have that would connect with these themes? If so, this is your invitation. Please send your thoughts, worship materials, or anything that seems to connect with these themes. Thank you!

The Purpose of Worship Teams and Committees

Gathering Pentecost 1 2025
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Who is responsible for worship in your congregation? Is it a shared endeavour or a solo venture? It all depends upon the context. Who reviews or evaluates worship? What are the best practices for reviewing the worship service? How do power, privilege, and vulnerability play into the review of worship? Share your experiences (good and difficult) as well as your best practices for the role of worship teams and committees in your community of faith.

Does God Need Our Worship in the Year 2025?

Gathering Pentecost 2 2025
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Why do we worship? Does it make a difference to God if we worship and if The United Church of Canada worships? Does it make a difference to us and to the world if we worship? What is being born through our worship? What is the Spirit doing through our gatherings of prayer and praise? How are we being born again as a denomination through the act of worshipping God? Share your reflections on what worship means to your life and to your congregation.