We Look at the Hills around Us: A Call to Worship

June 28, 2024
Photo of a rocky east coast inlet with cabins

We look at the hills around us; we are awestruck at the splendour of the lakes, captivated by the endless, starry skies,*
and joy fills our hearts for all God has given us.

We remember the support and encouragement of family and friends in the journey of life,
and thanksgiving overflows for all God has given us.

We think back to the inspiration that has been ours in church: the down-to-earth leaders, the soaring song and music,
and our worship resounds with praise for all God has given us.

We consider the future with all its joys, its uncertainties, and its challenges,
and we rest secure in the loving presence that God will always give us.

We come to worship God.

David Sparks, Summerland, B.C.

*Adapt for your context.