What's New: Pentecost 2, 2022

September 10, 2022
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What's New: Pentecost 2, 2022

Thank you, Gathering community, for your support and feedback as we work to make GatheringWorship.ca your go-to online worship-planning resource. We are over 1,200 members strong and still growing, thanks to your contributions!

I know that many of you are having some difficulty finding your favourite parts of the print magazine, like the Prayers for Worship and the Weekly Services for the Pentecost 2 2022 issue. We are learning together. The easiest way to find a prayer from the magazine is to put the first line of the prayer into the search field—it will usually pop right up. If you want to browse prayers for the season, try clicking the Prayers icon and putting the season in the search field. To find the Weekly Services, put the range of dates you are looking for in the Liturgical Dates field. You can also bookmark your favourite pieces or use them in a Custom Service.

To help you while you settle in and learn to navigate the new platform, will be posting a PDF of the Prayers for Worship and Weekly Services for the next couple of issues.

There are several how-to videos on the FAQ page, including:

  • How do I activate my GatheringWorship.ca account?
  • How do I reset my password?
  • What is my Dashboard and how do I use it?
  • How do I search for music?
  • How do I use the Custom Service feature?

This fall feels very different from the past two. Some of our communities have established a rhythm, while others are still working hard to find their groove. If you are searching for inspiration and insight from colleagues on how they have adapted, this issue's Exploring section examines what we learned about worship during the pandemic.

Here are some additional gems that might be helpful for you in this season of transitions:

Many blessings to you as you say goodbye to another summer. May you find warmth and beauty in unexpected places this fall.

Worshipping with you,