Why We Don't Have a Food and Wine Column!

September 06, 2023
Wine and food picnic

Sylvia Dunstan (1955–1993) served as Editor of Gathering from 1985–1988.

In the Advent-Christmas-Epiphany 1986 issue, she writes: “The editor’s mother (a restaurateur/food and wine writer) was visiting recently and looked through Gathering. She was of the opinion that Gathering is badly in need of a food and wine column. The editor suggested that Mother could sample and review all of the sacramental wines and juices on the market. Mother declined, pointing out that her taste runs to very dry wine and that most sacramental wine is in her opinion excessively sweet. So, there is no food and wine column.”

(However, several communion bread recipes were offered in this and following issues. Search Bread Recipes to find them.)